Sunday Afternoons

Angeline and Robin Lacey, Sunday Afternoons
Angeline and Robin Lacey Sunday Afternoons
Why Southern Oregon?
Natural beauty, recreation, progressive region
Location: Talent (541) 535-9989
Owners: Angelina and Robbin Lacey
Employees: 14
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What began as a family affair creating hand-crafted picnic blankets at home is still a family affair today coupled with a mission to create the highest quality, most innovative sun protective wear available.  Formed as a company in 1990, Angeline and Robbin Lacy moved from a largely craft fair market to worldwide presence through the likes of REI. Their creative and colorful array of sun hats and protective clothing lines, all crafted with built-in sun protection, has been well-received as a viable solution to protecting the skin while still enjoying recreational pursuits. As such, the company is growing at a healthy 25% each year and anticipates 50% growth in 2010.
While Angeline is the creative force behind the company, with three more hats with pending patents on the horizon including a ball cap, water hat, and kids’ play hat, Robbin is orchestrating the next trade show and pursuing entry into new worldwide markets, largely dominated by Asians. With a background in farming, homesteading, and carpentry, Robbin states there was a “magnetic pull toward southern Oregon with its natural beauty and peaceful – yet progressive - rural setting.”
Sunday Afternoons is growing and thriving in its renovated company headquarters located in Talent’s old fire station. The couple also lives in Talent, while maintaining a farm in Happy Camp. While much of their manufacturing remains here in the region, namely Wolf Creek, a growing percentage of the company’s product is sewn in Vietnam.
Robbin notes that southern Oregon nurtures an encouraging environment for entrepreneurs and is receptive to new concepts. “We have freedom to experiment here, while we engage in the things we love . . . it is essential that we can just go biking whenever we want . . . it makes what we do fun.” He says the company is always looking for better ways to do things and must keep thinking outside the box. Moreover, small businesses must be willing to go through every stage of their business development to make it work. According to Robbin, Sunday Afternoons’ employees are exemplary when it comes to generating new ideas. Allowing those ideas to flow freely is, and will be, instrumental to the company’s continued success.
Immediate expansion plans include locating additional warehouse space to accommodate their increased market demand. Strong growth is expected in the surfing industry, along with increased interest from optometrists and dermatologists. In the long term, Sunday Afternoons will refine its international marketing and growth while mentoring their children to manage the “lifestyle company” well into the future.

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