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Southern Oregon Angel Network

The Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network is a pool of qualified private equity investors seeking investment opportunities. Launch and growth stage businesses seeking funding to bring their innovations to a wider, national or international market are appropriate for this application. Each spring one company is selected through a contest-format to receive an investment that can range from $160,000 to $300,000.

    Join us on April 30, 2014 at the Bigham Knoll Event Center in Jacksonville to participate!

Read more about the April 30, 2014 conference

Year One:  In January 2011 investors fielded applications from 31 companies selecting Folium Partners for a $300,000 equity investment.

Year Two:  In January 2012 investors fielded applications from 31 companies selecting Montrue Technologies making a $160,000 loan through a convertible note that converts to equity.

Year Three:  In January 2013 investors fielded applications from 20 companies selecting JettStream making a $220,000 loan also through a convertible note that converts to equity.

Entrepreneurs seeking start-up capital or existing proprietors raising expansion capital are encouraged to review the proposed term sheet offered by the investors.

The Southern Oregon Angel Network Term Sheet is available for download here. 

Investors are ready to launch year four.  Applications are being accepted now with a February 28, 2014 deadline by accessing this specific Pitchburner URL

Investors will meet in March and April to review all applications, meet with applicants and conduct due diligence.  In mid April five companies will be invited to compete as finalists for the investment at the Southern Oregon Angel Conference.  Investors will then select the winner at the end of the conference.

Launch and Concept Stage Companies click here to pay the application fee

It is our mission to connect start-up businesses with qualified investors:

Southern Oregon entrepreneurs continue to found start ups that develop into established, successful enterprises. Many of the regionís most recognized companies were conceived by forward thinking, hard working and persistent individuals whose legacy now forms bedrock of our economy.

How does the Southern Oregon Angel Investor Conference provide access to capital for start-ups?

First, qualified individuals from our local community come together to pool their funds and create an LLC prepared to invest in a company or companies of their choosing. This group meets weekly to learn more about the investing process and to learn more about each company applying for their investment.

In January applications from start-up companies are received. If your company is READY TO LAUNCH, you can apply for the investment pool created by the LLC members. 

The Finalists will present to conference attendees, including; members of organized angel groups, individual angels, prospective angels, and early-stage investment firms as well as entrepreneurial ventures and start ups interested in obtaining angel funding. After viewing these final presentations, the Southern Oregon Angel LLC will meet to determine one company to receive their investment.

While this event garners much excitement and visibility, there is more going on behind the scenes. It is our intention that, by viewing each business plan, interest in companies OTHER THAN THE "WINNER" will be sparked among our group of investors, as well as the larger community. Based on this interest, participants in the process can find a variety of resources, including, but not limited to; mentors and coaches, advice about specific issues, contacts to aid them in their search for funding, investors willing fund their company and people with skill sets to add to their management team.

Plan to participate in the process if you are:

Inventors/Researchers/IP Holders: To learn more about the start up development and funding process. Network with entrepreneurs and service providers who may be able to assist in the commercialization process.

Entrepreneurs: To network with investors, inventors, service providers, and other early stage companies. To gain recognition and potential funding for your start up. 

LLC Members: To gain access to Oregon-based business investment opportunities. LLC Members will vote to select the winning company(ies) at the conference.

Venture Capitalists: To identify top quality early-stage businesses in Oregon. Network with angel investors and stay connected with other venture capitalists.

Service Providers: To introduce your business to early-stage companies seeking investment capital.

Elected Officials: To support emerging-growth businesses, recognizing their efforts as a key to stimulating the local, regional, and state economies.


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